About us

Information about the Institution

Municipal budgetary Institution Neringa Museums was established in April 1, 2016 after reorganization of Neringa History Museum. Neringa History Museum was merged with Thomas Mann Memorial Museum.

For this purpose, changes in governmental structure were implemented as well as a new juridical name – Neringa Museums – was given to both museums.

Currently, four subdivisions belong to Neringa Museums:

  • Thomas Mann Museum (Skruzdynės str. 17, Neringa)
  • Curonian Spit History Museum (Pamario str. 53, Neringa)
  • Nida Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead (Naglių str. 4, Neringa)
  • Nida Lighthouse (Taikos g. 36A, Neringa)


Neringa Museums also owns:

  • one of the most visited tourist attractions in Neringa – the exposition of wooden sculptures on the Hill of Witches in Juodkrantė;
  • an open-air exhibition of windvanes on the Nida's waterfront – the waterfront from the Ethnographic Fisherman’s Homestead to the former Hermann Blode hotel is decorated by windvanes of the Curonian Spit villages elevated on actual-size masts.