The evening of 12 June at the Nida Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead was replete with touching reminiscences from the Kubillus family and tear-bringing special sounds of harmonica... Here, a meeting took place with a former resident of Preila, a ninety-year old Helmut Kubillus, his daughter Gudrum and his late brother Herbert’s children Uwe and Rita.   

The gathered audience not only heard about the unique and complex fates and life twists of the erstwhile residents of the Curonian Spit but also witnessed a sensitive event significant to us – the family gifted the harmonica that belonged to Herbert to our community and the Museums of Neringa. We are infinitely happy and grateful because we will be able to continue the story of the Kubillus family through this family heirloom.    

We thank everyone who was together with us! Thanks to Raimonda Meyer-Ravaitytė for the help in communicating with the family. Thanks to Rimgaudas Stūris who made talk the harmonica is such special way!

Photos by Edita Anglickaitė-Beržinskienė